Where We Worked and Interned:

While all members share a passion for leadership, Scale & Coin is an incredibly diverse organization, representing 19 countries, 16 different majors, and countless areas of expertise across different industries.  

Scale & Coin’s members have found success in many different areas. We are proud to include Robertson & Schwarzman Scholars, International Hult Prize Finalists, startup founders, and student venture capitalists among our current members and alumni. Outside of business, Scale & Coin members have interned at government agencies like the Department of Justice, gone to medical school, and worked for non-profits.

Scale & Coin has made strides to increase diversity efforts, hosting workshops on workplace equity and making it a priority to increase representation among underrepresented groups inside of Scale & Coin, and at Duke as a whole.
Professional Events

Being a part of Scale & Coin allows members access to private events with companies, alumni, or representatives from elite firms. Below is a selection of some of the companies that have either previously partnered with Scale & Coin or have been represented at one of our events.
Competition History

Scale & Coin prides itself on our strong performance in hackathons, case competitions, and stock pitches. Below is a selection of some events that Scale’s members have either won, or placed highly in.
Jane Street Estimating Competition
Deutsche Bank Finance Game Show
Best API Implementation @ HackDuke
Duke Datathon
Duke Investment LBO Competition
Carolina Case Competition
APT Case Competition
Duke Zika Innovation Challenge
Triangle Health Innovation Challenge
PEAK6 Business Strategy Competition
Battle of the Blues Marketing Competition
Stripes Group Growth Equity Pitch
The Hult Prize Startup Challenge
Goldman Sachs Stock Pitch Competition
Morgan Stanley Stock Pitch Competition
Boston Consulting Group Case Competition
Harvard Stock Pitch Competition
BlackRock Asset Allocation Competition
Barclays LBO Case Competition
Barclays Capital Equity Research
Microsoft Case Competition
Audax Private Equity Competition
BAML IBD Case Competition
BNP Paribas Intl Banking Competition